Santa Clarita shooting: 2 Saugus High students are killed

‘He doesn’t seem like the kind of kid to do this’: Classmates, neighbors surprised by suspected Santa Clarita shooter’s identity

Santa CLARITA, Calif. – The 16-year-old related to mortally shooting two understudies and harming three others at their auxiliary school Thursday was an unrealistic shooter, accomplices and neighbors said.

Following a 16-second ejection of gunfire that completed with the assume shooting himself in the head, the child was is in fundamental condition at a local crisis facility, said Los Angeles County, Sheriff Alex Villanueva. No charges have yet been archived against him.

Neighbors and associates delineated the child as flawless yet saw that he was changed by the downfall of his father two years back. Classmates have separated the child to USA TODAY, regardless of the way that law approval still can’t name him.

“He doesn’t seem like the kind of kid to do this,” said Brooke Risley, a 16-year-old junior at Saugus High School.

Santa Clarita shooting: 2 Saugus High students are killed

Risley said he was a quiet, run of the mill understudy with whom she had gone to comparative schools since simple. He ran track and cross country while his significant other, with whom sheriff’s deputies state they are in contact, was on the swimming club. He was in like manner a Boy Scout.

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Joe Fitzpatrick, a senior who helped the educator in the child’s material science class, thought of him as a “conventional, quiet kid” who didn’t miss assignments and did well on tests.

“He just seemed one of those standard youngsters,” Fitzpatrick said.

The child’s father kicked the container in December 2017, according to commendation information and a Facebook tribute. Close by neighbor Jared Axen, 33, said the adolescent was reestablishing ties with his father going before his sudden passing.

“I was astounded how well he took his father’s end,” said Axen, who uncovered to USA TODAY that he played chess and terminated compacted air guns with the child. “I am pondering whether two years of hurried to two years of shock.”

Regardless of the way that the quiet immature was at times to some degree abandoned, Axen said he didn’t put on an act of being debilitated. Regardless of the way that the father had weapons, Axen said he didn’t think the child saw them in an awful way.

“A quiet, to-himself kid,” said Ryan McCracken, a 20-year-old close-by neighbor. When McCracken was progressively young, he said they played together, to a great extent in the child’s porch treehouse. “You wouldn’t foresee anything like that from him.”

A recognition video of photos that were posted online after the father’s destruction demonstrated him passing on a rifle or shotgun in different pursuing photos, either without any other person’s info or with various trackers.

On Thursday, police said the child exhausted all of the slugs in a .45-bore speedy shooting weapon. Masters have not shared any information about how he gained the weapon.

Santa Clarita shooting: 2 Saugus High students are killed

In California, approved merchants can’t offer a weapon to anyone under age 21. The child turned 16 years old on Thursday, according to online records.

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In the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting, in like manner in California, the 19-year-old acquired the weapon he used in Nevada, where the legitimate age to purchase a gun is 18.

The child’s family moved to their single-story home on a tree-lined street in Santa Clarita more than 20 years back, Axen said. He lived with his mother, increasingly prepared sister, and father until his passing, records show up.

Axen said his opinions go out to the child’s mother, who he said was considered in Japan. She has lost both a companion and a youngster. The sister moved out and took off to school after the father’s destruction, Axen said.

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